Fashionable Women Hair Color Ideas This Winter 2018 201938
Fashionable Women Hair Color Ideas This Winter 2018 201938

45 Fashionable Women Hair Color Ideas This Winter 2018 2019

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Rust/Brown is a very “in” color this season. It is easy to see why: brown is a lovely classic color that we see go in and out over the years. But brown always comes back stronger every time it comes back in again.

There are many women that simply consider it “in” at all times – as it is a true classic. Brown is ideal for just about every woman’s coloring – from the light-skinned blonde to a woman of color with dark hair.

It is a color that makes women glow. Brown is a natural color that reminds us of the earth and all that is good about being natural.

Grey is yet another “in” color that is coming back just as strong. We see grey come in and out and then back in again. One of the wonderful things about grey is that it offers us many lovely shades – you have the pale icy shades of grey that are nearly white.

Then you have the deep, dark charcoal grey shades that are so much deeper. There are also the metallic shades of pewter that remind us of the metallic trends that have taken off this year for fashion and accessories. Grey is ideal for both your professional and personal wear. It is the perfect color for play and also for work.

Plum is a lovely deep color that makes every woman glow. This is a rich color that looks yummy and sweet – just like a sweet plum from our recent summertime!

Plum is a unique shade of purple, it is purple but has just a touch of red. So it has less blue tones in it than red tones. Making it warm and wonderful for so many women to wear. You’ll love plum for scarves, handbags and jewelry. The gemstone amethyst is a lovely plum color, making it ideal for many types of jewelry.

Wintertime Blue is the perfect shade to bring us more into winter as the fall begins to come to a close. This true pale shade of blue has a real sweetness and crispness to it.

You can see that wintertime blue reminds many of ice skating or skiing. This color is ideal for scarves, handbags and so many other wintertime accessories. It compliments winter white and silver very well. It also goes well with black.

Forever Green is a color that people are likely not to forget. This true, deep shade of green is one that will simply make you smile. We’re all quite happy it is in style for autumn/winter! There are so many ways to wear forever green. You’ll fit in perfectly for the season with crystal earrings, a scarf or a forever green pendant. Think of Kermit: doesn’t he look happy?