Amazing White Lace Outfits Ideas37
Amazing White Lace Outfits Ideas37

37 Amazing White Lace Outfits Ideas

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Modern nurseries are often clean, sophisticated places, but nothing beats the beauty and elegance of the white lace Victorian nursery. There are several ways to incorporate lace into your baby’s nursery, whether you have a boy or a girl, although designs for girls are more beautiful and a classic choice.

White lace, real or faux, is easy to find and often does not cost any more than other nursery bedding options, unless you purchase antique lace pieces or order them from a specialty shop.

White Lace Crib Bedding

The crib’s bedding is often the most noticeable aspect in the nursery, and choosing white lace crib bedding is a great way to make sure that all of the attention goes to the lace. Many nursery-oriented retailers-both online and offline-offer bedding with lace or eyelet patterns, beautiful for summertime births or very feminine decor.

White lace can be the perfect choice for either gender, making it ideal if you have boy and girl twins or if baby will be sharing a room with an older sibling.

You can often find lace bedding for the blanket, bumper pad, and crib decorations; these coordinate beautifully with many different wood finishes for the crib including classic wood tones, black paint, and white choices. This is a great choice for pastel rooms, modern paint colors, and antique d├ęcor styles, and it offers the perfect clean touch that will last a long time.


Diaper hangers and similar necessities can often be found with beautiful lace patterns, matching the white lace bedding and coordinating with the color that you choose for the walls, flooring, furniture, and other options.

Often, accessories like this look very girly, so they are great choices for a baby girl’s room but may not so good for your precious little boy. Most popular brand names have at least one collection that features lace for each of the pieces, including most nursery accessories.

White lace accessories often include the most popular lace choice for the nursery, which are white lace curtains. These gauzy window coverings protect baby from the harshest rays but filter in enough light so that your little one still gets the benefits of natural lighting as well.

The sheer look is perfect when paired with blinds or shades that can be raised, opened, or moved to let light in during the day but protect the family’s privacy at night.

White Lace Combinations

A baby’s blanket will not likely be made solely of lace or eyelet, as they are not comfortable against baby’s sensitive skin. Satin, silk, and cotton make beautiful choices to pair with the lace for these purposes, and blankets with these materials can be found at many high-end nursery retailers.

For specialized or customized options for your baby’s classic white lace Victorian nursery, such as a lace monogrammed blanket or wall hanging, consider online retailers to find exactly what you are looking for at the most affordable price, but remember to factor in the cost of shipping.