Delicate Style Fashion Ideas For Spring 201921
Delicate Style Fashion Ideas For Spring 201921

41 Delicate Style Fashion Ideas For Spring 2019

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The majority of cute spring dresses have similar characteristics. Their fabric is light and wispy as opposed to heavy and clingy. Typically they range in length from above the knee to mid-calf. It is a rare occurrence to find an ankle length or floor length spring dress.

A lot of spring dresses also have prints and many of them mimic nature’s own spring wardrobe – florals, bright colors, or a pastel palette reminiscent of baby colors.

These are some popular styles of cute spring dresses:

1. The Tea Dress

The tea dress originated in the UK and has been popularized by popular stores like TopShop and Miss Selfridge. According to, the tea dress is: “A feminine, girly and floaty dress that would look at home for high tea at the Ritz Hotel, or at a garden party. The dress is so called due to its aptness for being worn to afternoon tea or ladies’ lunches. Often brightly colored, it is a cute and feminine dress that can be worn to brunch, picnic, high tea, a summer fete or bridal shower. Its elegance lies in the vintage styling and delicate prints.”

2. The Shirtdress

Take a women’s button-down blouse and lengthen it to the knee, cinch the waist or add a tie or belt, and you’ve got a shirtdress! Sleeves vary in length from cap sleep, short sleeve to 3/4th sleeve. These dresses are beautiful in delicate florals or in a singular color like khaki.

3. The Polo Shirt Dress

Similar to the shirtdress, a polo shirt dress lengthens a fitted women’s polo top to right above the knee or right at the knee. It looks great in horizontal stripes or bright colors.

4. The Wrap Dress

This type of dress can be tricky to wear with ease. Typically it has no zippers or buttons and is held together by “wrapping” it around and tying it at the waist. Perfect for cinching the waist.

5. The Kimono Style Dress

This type of dress is typically made with large geometric prints that are not always flattering for larger frames. Some dresses offer smaller floral prints that elongate the body. The kimono style dress has a figure flattering V-neckline, blowsy 3/4th sleeves, an A-line skirt bottom, and monochromatic paneling on the waist for the illusion of a smaller middle.

6. The T-shirt Dress

The T-shirt Dress is like the shirtdress and the polo shirt dress. It is a long T-shirt made into a dress. It is very comfortable and easy to wear.

7. The Halter-Top Dress

This dress is held up by fabric that goes over the shoulders and wraps around the neck. It is very flattering for women with broad shoulders. Skirt bottom styles for this type of dress vary from pencil cut to A-Line to fuller skirt styles.

8. The Sundress

The name sundress can refer to a wide variety of styles. The only defining characteristic of a sundress is that it is worn in warm weather.

9. The Baby Doll Dress

The baby doll dress is probably the “cutest” of the spring dresses. It may seem too juvenile for some people. Typically a baby doll dress is short, with a fuller bottom and an empire waist.

10. The Tank Dress

The tank dress is a sleeveless version of the shirtdress. It is a tank top converted into a dress.

11. The Spaghetti Strap Dress

This dress is held up by spaghetti straps. Some dresses have straps that tie into a bow at the top of the shoulder. Others have ruching in the chest area. Spaghetti strap dresses vary in length and style.