Cute Shoes Ideas For Kids05
Cute Shoes Ideas For Kids05

35 Cute Shoes Ideas For Kids

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Finding unique fashions for your children is always a fun event. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite fun fashion statements that your child is sure to love — Monkey-Toes shoes for kids!

Monkey Toes are a playful line of fun animal and insect themed footwear. The shoe company blossomed from a single mother’s dream of being a stay-at-home mom and an all-American business owner. The name Monkey-Toes for her footwear collection was inspired by her daughter’s long toes. The shoe collection became more famous when they were pointed out as Suri’s Cruise favorite shoe.

This collection of fun shoes are hand painted with non-toxic acrylic craft paint, then treated with a textile medium to ensure a long life and wash ability. They also feature loopy laces that allow the shoes to fit snuggly. They are machine washable, so even though they are unique and fun they are still practical for kids.

Some of the playful pals of Monkey Toes are Buzzy Bees, Little Piggy, Leap Frogs, Spunky Spiders and Little Ladies. When buying a pair for your kids or as a gift for a niece or nephew, have their feet measured accurately since these shoes are usually made in bigger sizes. This collection has two styles of shoe to choose from: the canvas sneaker and the maryjane dress shoe.

Recently they have added another type of shoe to their footwear collection, the Teaching Toes Collection. This collection helps kids learn their left foot from their right foot instantly with no hard work! Not only are these shoes cute and comfy they are also educational.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a special child in your life Monkey-Toes shoes are a fantastic idea. They are fun and unique and sure to be a favorite for any child. This fashionable line of footwear has truly made its name in the market. They are being showcased by fashionable kids everywhere around the world.