Vintage Summer Outfits Ideas To Copy Asap24
Vintage Summer Outfits Ideas To Copy Asap24

44 Vintage Summer Outfits Ideas To Copy Asap

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Women like fancy outfits and they want to be trendy all the time. Well, at least this is the case with most women. If winter is all about feeling warm and comfortable, things change when the first rays of sun show up in the sky. But, don’t forget, for each spring summer season, the fashion world has new rules. What was in last year is not necessarily trendy this year. Although you cannot change your wardrobe on an annual basis, there are some tricks you can use to remain trendy.

So, which are the main fashion trends for summer? What kind of outfits are we going to put on when the weather gets hot? Take a look at the main tendencies and you will certainly find something for you.

Flowers, tropical jungle and ethnic inspiration

These are the main three concepts you have to consider if you want to be trendy in the summer. While floral patterns are practically a leit-motif for each hot season, this year’s novelty lies mostly in the inspiration fashion designers found in the unexplored jungles as well as in the distant Asian continent, from where they brought a wide range of prints: peacock, snake, leopard, hibiscus or lotus flowers, etc. They feature dresses, shirts, but also accessories like scarves and bags.

Another thing coming from the fascinating Far East – the kimono cut is very trendy this year. If the traditional kimono type is too much for you, just take it as a general guideline. A glance at this season’s collections will show you that the kimono cut is suitable for dresses, jackets and shirts equally.

Retro, vintage… 50s and 60s

Another thing to consider if you want to be trendy during the hot days of is that fashion trends work in cycles. The designers find inspiration in the surrounding world as well as in the past. Their preference has gone lately towards the 50s and 60s and you can be in fashion wearing an A-shaped skirt, a psychedelic patterned outfit, or by adopting the famous yé-yé look once embodied by Twiggy, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin.

Remember Audrey Hepburn’s dress? This iconic cut is very fashionable, too. Combine it with polka dots and you are will make many pairs of eyes turn after you.

But the retro trend does not refer solely to cuts and iconic items. It can come in the form of a fabric, or technique, such as knitting or crocheting. Many years considered grandma’s thing, crocheted dresses are back.

Color block, pastel, total white, black and white, red, iridescent…

Indeed, the chromatic palette of the hot season is very generous. All the above mentioned themes are always in. So, there is something here for everyone. Whether you prefer a more daring look with color blocking patterns, you want to go for total purity and innocence, or, on the contrary you are more into red dresses, anything is permitted. When it comes to pastel colors, remember they never go out of fashion.

Handmade jewelry

Handmade pieces are always trendy. Why? Because they are adorable, colorful and eco friendly. Just imagine how great a pair of dangling handmade earrings will look with your summer dresses.