Unusual Nail Colors Spring And Summer Ideas You Need To See32
Unusual Nail Colors Spring And Summer Ideas You Need To See32

38 Unusual Nail Colors Spring And Summer Ideas You Need To See

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When it comes to choosing nail polish, it can be quite difficult with all the options available today. The options can confuse you and boggle your mind! Well, this guide will help you narrow down your selection. If you’re wondering how to choose the right nail polish for your situation, then read on!

One of the first things to consider when choosing the color of your nail polish is what you’ll be doing. Is there a special event or an occasion? The colors will vary based on what you’re doing (a date, normal day, wedding).

The best colors for a professional environment are neutral colors. Neutral colors are the best way to show your professional side. Muted colors work well in these situations as well. If you’re doing a presentation, you don’t want the colors to be a distraction so this is one of the main reasons they should be muted or neutral colors. If it’s extremely conservative, you may even want to just opt for a clear polish.

Now for something that’s a bit more exciting, like a party try experimenting with fun colors. This is a good time to use a color you wouldn’t typically use during the day. Colors like gold, silver and bronze are great for evening wear. One thing to consider when choosing these colors is what type of jewelry you’ll wear. If you’re wearing silver, then silver nails will look best.

Another key factor to consider when choosing polish color is your skin tone. For fair skin, go with lighter shades. Pink and blue based nail polish work well with fair skin as well. Fair skinned ladies also look great in a berry red shade on the lighter side for the daytime, while something more intensified work well for the evening.

Shades of amber or gold look great on olive toned skins. Russet is another color that helps olive skinned types look great. For darker skin tones, you have more options! On dark skin, vibrant and deep colors look great. Reds, purples and other fun colors can look great. These colors can still look great on fair skin, but it’s a stronger look on darker skin.

Nail polish colors are also very seasonal. Lighter colors are better suited for the spring/summer, while dark/rich colors work well in the fall and winter. Pales pinks or lavenders are great for a summer evening, while hot pink is a lot of fun for a pool party!

I hope this guide has helped you understand some of the things to consider when choosing a nail polish color. There are many options to choose from, so make sure to mix it up and have fun!